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Very Good Quarter For French Online Gaming Sites

Today we invite you to discover why French online gaming sites are having an excellent second quarter of 2018.

Results on the rise

Summer is not the summer vacation month for everyone. ARJEL (Regulatory Authority for Online Games in France) is still active during this period and has just published the results of all the online operators of our dear French neighbors for this second quarter of 2018. And the least that ‘we can say is that there are no real surprises about the results, which are therefore up. But this success is seen in particular on the side of sports betting, greatly helped, it must be conceded, by the World Cup which took place from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in Russia.

French online gaming generates record €1.74bn revenue in 2020

Sports betting is popular

Sports betting sites are popular and have been the most dynamic, thanks in particular to the Mondial which has been very successful with online punters and more particularly with the French who have gone so far as to climb, to the dismay of our team. of the Red Devils, the title of 2018 world football champions.

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This is therefore very good news for bookmakers like Circus, who see ARJEL publish convincing results in this market, having many French clients in its database of punters. We have seen that horse racing betting, sports betting and poker all showed increases in the second quarter of 2018. But you will easily understand: the most significant increase is in sports betting, which therefore been boosted by the 2018 World Cup, as we will explain in more detail below.

But since we are talking about an increase, we might as well give you some figures. And so it’s roughly $ 1 billion in stakes that have been recorded on sports betting in this period. But if you follow the sports news, you know that it was not just the World Cup as a sporting event this summer. There was also the Tour de France and the Wimbledon tennis tournament which contributed to this success with betting sg online casino sites like Bet777. If we were to compare with the second quarter of 2017, we would therefore find € 624 million that had been generated against the total for this year, which therefore represents 61% better.

We can certainly say that the 12 regulated sports betting sites in France really rubbed their hands over this period and we can easily imagine that it will be particularly difficult to do better in this third quarter which will end at the end of September.

Horse betting and poker

€ 250 million in stakes, against € 239 million over the same period in 2017. This is in fact what horse racing betting generated during the second quarter of 2018 on sites like Unibet. An impressive figure which confirms the trend which was already starting to be successful in 2017, and which finally sees this sector experiencing exponential growth. We can easily verify this since we find a number of active players during the second quarter of 2018 which increases by 5% to actually reach 136,000 active players each week.

But online poker is not to be outdone and therefore continues to grow. A success with players that is felt, as much in the tournaments as on the cash-game tables. We can see that the growth of player accounts was 8%. Which is not nothing since 227,000, we went to 246,000 bettors. But that’s not all, and as good news never comes alone, poker sites can also be content to see stakes increase by 9% to a total of € 925 million. But it remains however very important to specify that the amount of poker bets is to be analyzed differently from the amount of sports bets. Indeed, money is much more easily exchanged in virtual poker games than on sports betting sites.

The world has boosted sports betting

French operators have brewed hundreds of millions of euros and in fact signed a 2018 world record for turnover. Still on the side of ARJEL, we have recently seen that the World Cup has been profitable to the online sports betting sector. If the group stages had already established a new betting record, the rest of the competition allowed it to go even further and above all higher. A world sporting period that will allow the betting sector to see the previous statistics of Euro 2016 and the 2014 World Cup crushed.

But we also owe this success with our French neighbors to the fact that France won the competition. This success and victory greatly contributed to the record of bets recorded online and at physical points of sale.

French operators are therefore in heaven today since the publication of the official report and especially thanks to the Blues. Indeed, the most bet matched was naturally the final. An incredible poster that in fact drew € 67 million in stakes on its own. The second poster is that of the meeting between France and our dear country, Belgium. It was indeed one of the most watched semi-finals, which generated no less than € 35.2 million. Then will come the Uruguay-France matches and their € 22.7 million.

We have therefore seen that the 2018 World Cup in Russia was a huge success for all operators for this second quarter which was very beneficial for all verticals and which gives them a glimpse of a pretty good year 2018. We could see circulate large amounts over this period and we can easily imagine that the activity can only be less important for the coming months concerning sports betting. Unless there is a big surprise with the international or national football championships which are always a great success throughout the year!

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Boxer David Haye Embarks On Professional Poker

The news has just fallen at the beginning of the week. Boxer David Haye is indeed trying his luck at poker and will therefore try to start a new career by going from punches to bluffs. An opportunity for us to reveal his sporting career to you and explain how he got there.

From boxing to poker

David Haye has let the whole world know that he now intends to retrain and radically change his career in the coming months, from boxing… to poker. But after all, aren’t these two activities just a matter of hands? It has become a fashion for boxers to announce radical career changes, like James Obst, for example, who has also just announced a change, also dreaming of other projects by putting himself in the cards.

David Haye the boxer

David Haye is therefore a British boxer, born in London on October 13, 1980 and who made a career in the light heavyweight category. He was titled English Champion and then European EBU Light Heavyweight Champion on December 16, 2005, after his great first round KO victory against Alexander Gurov. On November 10, 2007, he then became WBA and WBC world champion in Levallois Perret by beating the French Jean-Marc Mormeck thanks to a knockout on the 7th round.

He will then change category to become Heavyweight Champion. Indeed, on March 8, 2008 and after having dominated his compatriot Enzo Maccarinelli for the WBO title in two rounds, he decided to box in heavyweight. And it is on November 15, 2008, in London, that he will make his very first fight. A duel that will end with a victory, having beaten the American Monte Barrett in the 5th round.

Still in his quest for the title and his momentum, David Haye won the WBA heavyweight belt on November 7, 2009. It will then be a fabulous fight at the Nuremberg meeting and a victory in points, after 12 rounds by decision majority in front of the Russian giant Nikolay Valuev (114: 114, 116: 112, 116: 112). Haye will then retain this title on April 3, 2010 by beating John Ruiz by the referee’s stoppage on the 9th round. He will fight a second time, on November 13, stopping his compatriot Audley Harrison in the third round.

The decline of a champion

It was finally on July 2, 2011, in Hamburg, that he lost his title. It will be a defeat on points in the highly anticipated duel against Wladimir Klitschko; where the judges will be unanimous and in favor of Ukrainian: 118-108, 117-109 and 116-110. We are then October 13, 2011 and it is the anniversary of his 31 years. He takes this opportunity to announce his retirement. But he allows himself a last exhibition match on July 14, 2012 against his compatriot Dereck Chisora, whom he will beat in the 5th round.

In the process, on November 11, 2012, he will be the candidate of a reality TV show called “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” Which can be translated as “I am a celebrity … Get me out of here!” “.

The return of a champion

4 years pass and he then announces his return to the rings. On this occasion, he fights on Saturday January 16, 2016 at the O2 Arena the Australian puncher Mark de Mori. A fight that ends with a victory for David Haye by KO in the 1st round when he is weighed at 103.5 kg, or 7 kilos more than during his fight against Wladimir Kiltschko in 2012.

It is his compatriot Tony Bellew, WBC light heavyweight champion, whom he will then face in a fight without a major title in play on March 4, 2017, in the heavyweight category. But he will then be the victim of a sprained ankle during the fight. A handicap which will inevitably influence the meeting during which Haye will finally be counted twice by the referee in the 6th and 11th rounds before his corner decides to give up by throwing in the towel. But he will then bow a second time in the rematch. A decision by the referee’s stop in the 5th round after being knocked down twice by his opponent. Now, if he goes to the mat, it will be to try to put all his chips into play …